Innovative solution to Beijing’s air pollution

My office is in a huge upmarket shopping centre in Beijing’s ‘Central Business District’. Downstairs the shops are Gucci, Prada, Louis Vutton, etc. It’s not easy to find a reasonably priced lunch. This is all new, of course. Behind the complex is a sprawling coal-fired power plant, a relic of the area’s recent industrial past. It just doesn’t look quite right when I’m arriving on the bus.

But hold on, what’s that we can see in the background? Someone has decided that the best way to deal with this jarring contrast is to paint the main building with, well, take a look yourselves:

I’m not sure whether to be disgusted with this or impressed by the sheer cheek of the idea.

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2 Responses to Innovative solution to Beijing’s air pollution

  1. Jon Wakeham says:

    Trouble is, most days you can’t see the clouds for the pollution!

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