A nice couple of sort-of days off for me just went by involving strange three hour evening shifts and daytime inactivity. I was going to spend the time swimming but Tuesday’s trip to the pool was a sharp reminder of an otherwise un-noticed half term week. The place was full of unsupervised kids bombing and screaming and as much as I enjoyed reading “Lord
of the Flies” actually living it wasn’t much of a laugh, so staying in bed was a lot more tempting.
I did make it down to B&Q today though, to buy shelves and feel like a
man, looking at drills and so on.
Meanwhile in the house news (as requested by someone) Natalia has sprained her ankle and has spent the last week with her foot in a bandage, unable to work or walk. And Liam’s Italian bird is down for the weekend, so he’s occupied with that. That’s it really.

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