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Wet Markets

As desperate marketing emails remind me every day, we are living in difficult / unprecedented times, and if anything I suppose it is a surprise that there haven’t been more misunderstandings and spreading of conspiracy theories. But there are still … Continue reading

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Life update

It’s Autumn in Beijing now. Proper two-week-summer-winter-fluctuations-Autumn that is. Official Autumn began at the peak of the summer on August 7th, for reasons best skipped here. It was a proper, scorching hot summer with the occasional storm, but poor V … Continue reading

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A year of existence / Potential puppies / Same house but different

It’s been hard to find time to write here recently, so I’m going to have a brief flick through the recent headlines and look forward to the impending summer. First thing, Milan Curtis Errington / Meishulei / Leilei has now … Continue reading

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Goodbye Liumangshu

This time last year, when we were living in the hutongs in the centre, we bought a hamster. It was more interesting than a goldfish and less responsibility than a dog. We thought about getting two, but the cage would’ve … Continue reading

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Spring Festival 2011

Spring Festival was ok. I suppose it’s difficult to get excited about a festival that’s not part of your culture, but nobody here seemed to be getting that excited either. It’s a strange time in the life of a family … Continue reading

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Xiaobei vs The Alleykitten

I was at work a few days ago when I got a strange call from V. She’d been having lunch at home when she heard a strange noise from outside. Xiaobei rushed out of the back door and started barking. … Continue reading

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I’ve never been much of a ‘dog person’. It’s probably got a lot to do with the alsatian which hid behind a fence and barked at me every time I walked home from school, the duck-murdering rage-syndrome springer spaniel which … Continue reading

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Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog #010 – Cats vs Dogs

This time the podcast answers the age-old question: Cats? Or dogs? You decide. Alamo Race Track – Don’t Beat This Dog Cassetteboy – Dogs Dogs Dogs Oh Yeah Dogs The Cabin Fever – Cats Are Cooler Than Dogs David Sedaris … Continue reading

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