What are the Seven Wolves?

Here is a question which has been plaguing me for a little while.

In 2004 I was living in Prague, and sometimes went to a bar called Sedm Vlku or “Seven Wolves.” It was an odd name, but it made sense, as the address was Vlkova 7, or “7 Wolf St”


A few years later I moved to China, where I found a chain of clothing shops with branches everywhere I went. The brand was called Septwolves, or in Chinese 七匹狼, literally “seven wolves.”

unnamed (1)

The brand is so famous, it even has a wikipedia page. And apparently they also make cigarettes, for some reason.




Then, a few years ago, I moved to Cambridge, where I found a boutique called Seven Wolves, on Bridge Street.


Hold on, clothes, it must be a branch of the Chinese shop, no?

No. It is apparently an entirely different thing, not even run by a Chinese person.


So, a few questions.

1. What the actual fuck is going on?

2. Is there some kind of legend or saying about seven wolves which is inspiring all of these namings? Not as far as I can find, on any of the websites (Sedm Vlku seems to be gone now, but I think I know how that got its name) – Google and Wikipedia have nothing for me.

3. Or, perhaps the boutique was somehow inspired by the Chinese clothing brand, and the bar is a coincidence? Hm. Unlikely.

4. OR, and I think this is the most likely answer, I am living in a simulation, and much like the “BAD WOLF” motif in the first new series of Doctor Who, this is a clue which has been left to draw my attention to the fact. In which case, I think it’s a slightly uninspired and derivative clue, they could have at least made something original.


Please let me know what you think.

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