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Does dubbing TV harm language learning?

As anyone who’s attended my “pet hates” English corner will know, I’m not a fan of dubbed TV and films. As an example of a pet hate it works well – it’s accepted by society at large, but annoys me … Continue reading

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False friends in English and Mandarin.

“False friends” are words in different languages that are similar but have different meanings. From wikipedia: False friends (French: faux amis) are pairs of words or phrases in two languages or dialects (or letters in two alphabets) that look or … Continue reading

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Mind Your Language – Series 1, Episode 2

The Programme It’s a truism amongst writers that the first episode of a sitcom or drama series will be the worst. So much time is spent on set-pieces introducing the characters that little time is left for a decent story … Continue reading

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Mind Your Language – Series 1, Episode 1

A passing mention in a David Mitchell column this weekend started me thinking about the 1970s British sitcom Mind Your Language. As it was cancelled before I was born and not that suitable for repeat showings I knew little about … Continue reading

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English in China: Accent

One of the most disheartening things about English teaching in China is the way that gut instincts and what we call “first language interference” are allowed to interfere with education almost completely unfettered by awareness of what English actually is. … Continue reading

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Speeches and donkey burgers

It’s hard to teach a TEFL course in China when no Chinese know or care what a TEFL course is, and anyone with white skin and a native-ish accent is considered qualified enough to be a university teacher, so our … Continue reading

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A page from ‘English for Hotel Workers’

I’ll start to write things on here again in a week or so when I finally get a break. Most likely I’ll write about the things which are currently keeping my busy. And other things. In the meantime here’s a … Continue reading

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