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China questions #4 plus

brokenjoystick asked “what’s the most unusual thing you have eaten whilst in china and is there anything you regularly eat now which you would never have imagined eating whilst living in the uk/europe?” Funny you asked that as for a … Continue reading

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China questions #3

Meatbreak asked “How big does China seem when you’re actually in it? Strangely enough, not as big as I thought. I live in a city of immigrants from all over China and they all seem to return home from time … Continue reading

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China questions #2

handsofstone asked “What do they call Chinese restuarants over there? just “restaurants” or is there a special name?” There isn’t a special name. Of the staggering number of places to eat in this city less than 1% are non-Chinese, probably … Continue reading

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China questions #1

lonelydandelion asked “What does it smell like there? Oh, and what is the light like?” The first part of this is surprisingly hard. In general, China smells a lot. Most cities are landlocked with traffic jams and factories and have … Continue reading

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I want to write about life in China but I don’t know where to start. Could you all please ask me some questions that I can answer at length. All you lurking people – you can ask me something by … Continue reading

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