I spent a good six days at my mum’s house, sorting out my posessions to give to charity and burn, mainly. I am now weighed down mainly by CDs. Still, three days left until I jump into the vortex of the south coast and the less I have to lug the better.
I feel a lot better now too, generally. That is, the cold I’ve been suffering from for the last year or so seems to be abating, apparently I have an allergy to something, probably dust. I have to inhale steroids twice a day, which seems to be working.
At my dad’s house in the wilds of Herefordshire now. Staying here for a few days, the last one being today in fact. Tomorrow I’m going to be at my uncle’s fiftieth birthday party and the day after that, the dreaded Southampton. A couple of days after that, yes, Brighton.
If anyone is in need of contact, my number is 07979 ??????. I better delete that after a day or so, don’t want any weirdos calling me up, do I?

Popular interests among weejay’s friends
1. the smiths (7) 11. monty python (5)
2. tea (7) 12. radiohead (5)
3. pulp (6) 13. writing (5)
4. music (6) 14. coffee (5)
5. blur (6) 15. the cure (5)
6. photography (6) 16. joy division (4)
7. david bowie (6) 17. douglas adams (4)
8. the beatles (5) 18. elastica (4)
9. roxy music (5) 19. the faint (4)
10. my bloody valentine (5) 20. harry potter (4)
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My most interesting friend is stevethemodel who has 12 of these interests,
followed by brokenjoystick (11), epitomeof80s (9) and pen (7).
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My friends are 46.48% normal.
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3 Responses to

  1. laeth_grrl says:

    So, yeah, I found you on random, and you seem like an interesting person. Glad you had a nice time on your trip?

  2. ashen_rowan says:

    I think random is the way to go…
    …interesting journal. Just thought I’d let you know. Yeah, shouldn’t put your number up like that… some weirdo might try to call you…. not me of course *innocently dials the phone*

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