Centuries of Sound


Things have been a bit quiet around here for a long time. It’s not that the site is dead ( I will still post here on occasion) but more that another project is a priority.

Centuries of Sound is an attempt to produce an audio mix for every year of recorded sound. Starting with 1860, a mix is posted every month until we catch up with the present day. The scope is moreorless everything, music of course, but also speech and other sounds, the only limit being that music and sounds used must be from that year. Mixes start under three minutes, and will get longer until they are two hours long (guessing this will be sometime in the 1930s). Rough “preview” mixes of contemporary years are also posted at the end of each year – 2016 is already up.

The main site is here and an in-depth ‘about’ page is here.

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