Texture and Artefact

Texture and Artefact is my new project, combining personal monologues, field recordings, interviews with friends and family, clips from old cassettes, occasional drama and original music, all knitted together into narrative soundscapes.

The first season will run from January to September 2023, with one episode out each month. Episodes vary in length from 20 to 30 minutes, and are all tightly-edited, non-rambling and without adverts or other interruptions. Texture and Artefact is about sound and memory and should be listened to on headphones or a decent sound system in order to make sense.

Season Trailer – this 5-minute season trailer contains clips from seven of the episodes, and gives a good idea of the different kinds of things you’ll hear on the show.

Episode 1.1: Threw It In The Bin: Stories about growing up as a teenager with undiagnosed ADHD, in Worcester in the 1990s. This is the first episode because it’s effectively an origin story for the project.

Episode 1.2: A Life In A Day: Sounds from a day in the life of a commuter, Cambridge & London, 2021. This is the only episode from the season which is entirely a field-recording based soundscape.

Future episodes (titles – and actual episodes – may change)

Episode 1.3: Port Out: life in a callcentre, Brighton, 2005, Monday 13th March
Episode 1.4: Plum Flower: early childhood, transience and tragedy, Hubei, China, 1980s, Monday 10th April
Episode 1.5: Draw on My Back: love, death, mental health and memory, Prague, 2004, Monday 8th May
Episode 1.6: The Secret Life of Walter Errington, 1920s-1992, Monday 12th June
Episode 1.7: Rossiya Kupé: Russia 2007, Monday 10th July
Episode 1.8: $tolen Grand, Southampton, 1998, Monday 14th August
Episode 1.9: Requiem for John Wieja, 2010s, Monday 11th September

You can find Texture & Artefact at Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or by searching for “Texture and Artefact” wherever you get your podcasts.

If I know you from earlier in my life and you have an idea for an episode, please get in touch – I’m james at errington dot uk.

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