Mystery Uzbek woman in Guangzhou hospital – help needed

My wife is currently staying in hospital (preparing for the arrival of our second child). When I arrived there today I was asked to help translate for an Uzbek woman who had just given birth to a baby boy. Here she is:

Here are the facts so far:

*She arrived in an ambulance from the airport three days ago (we don’t know if she was on a flight).
*She has no documents or money.
*She speaks no Chinese.
*She seems to have a great deal of trouble communicating at all – she won’t speak and doesn’t seem to know how to contact any of her friends or relatives.
*A Korean woman had her Uzbek friend come to help translate. She confirmed that the woman was from Samarkand, and that she wanted to return to Uzbekistan.
*The hospital are not asking for money, but it’s unlikely they’ll let her stay there indefinitely
*The Uzbek embassy in Beijing have been contacted, but it’s not clear that they will be useful – Beijing is far away and we don’t know if they have the resources to find out who she is or take her home.
*A major public holiday is coming next week, and it will be difficult to travel during this time anyway.
*Our main concern – she seems to know nobody in Guangzhou and has nowhere to go.

I’m not that positive about posting her picture on the internet, but we’re worried about what’s going to happen to her, and we’re hoping someone out there can help.

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4 Responses to Mystery Uzbek woman in Guangzhou hospital – help needed

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  2. You might contact Red Oak Ministries (, they are a group that tries to support out of place women in the Guangzhou area.

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  4. Neeloo says:

    hello sir, i am uzbek, can you give for us her contact or hospital address please, this my email

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