Somehow Amanda has managed to get a flat within a week of getting back. Norwegian money, I dunno. I could sure do with some of that western money myself, though everyone is telling me that getting jobs in Brighton is near impossible right now. Still, I can do crappy work until I find something – I may even have to work as an English teacher in England. What a scary prospect.
Still, anyway, I will slack as much as possible these next few weeks. Call it a holiday or something, I don’t know. My transport, air fare and rent are all paid up and I have a small amount of cash to drink away.
Anyone want any cheap ciggies next month, by the way? I’m taking orders now. 3 pound 50 for Lucky Strikes / Marlboro, 3 quid for Petra.

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    Wow, they charge you guys a lot for cigs in Europe. Here in the states you can still get packs for about 2 pounds or so. :(

  2. can i have some absinthe?

    • Um. Maybe. But not much. I need to keep my baggage weight under 20kg, which isn’t a lot considering how much stuff I have here… So I could get you a little bottle if you like. But Czech absinthe is shit in my humble opinion – look at the (mediocre) article I wrote about it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    get me some stogies
    bring me back 100 luckies weej

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