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Hong Kong Tram Timelapse Video Thing (Again)

I’ve been editing videos from a few years back, trying to get to grips with the massive backlog, and I thought I’d have a go at fixing something I made when I returned to China in 2009 – a timelapse … Continue reading

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More videos

While I still have a functioning VPN I can upload a few more videos to Dailymotion, and you people living in The West can see them! Great news. So, here’s “Tram Across Hong Kong Island in 3 Minutes 20 Seconds” … Continue reading

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Tram across Hong Kong island in 3 minutes and 20 seconds

A video I made a while back. I’d like it to be higher resolution and on Youtube, but this will have to do. The music is “Ritual” by Broadcast & The Focus Group

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London – Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Guangzhou – Beijing

I’ve been back in China near two months now. It’s been eventful, but largely undramatic, with everything going as planned (though there was only the loosest of plans to start with) with a couple of exceptions. The first minor problem … Continue reading

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I am very impressed with Hong Kong. The island itself seems to be one of mankind’s success stories. It’s modern but attractive, busy but not too hectic and seems generally to be about 20 years ahead of the UK. Public … Continue reading

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I’m in Hong Kong. It’s fucking cool. Bit hectic, though. Proper post tomorrow.

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Last day of September and the first day of the week-long national holiday. I was planning to go to Brent & Samantha’s wedding in the Philipines, but that didn’t work out. Then I was going to try visiting Adam in … Continue reading

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