Ok, going to the dentist, if I can find one and borrow money and stuff.
Woke this morning after 10 hours sleep still feeling like shit, then realised it might have something to do with not having eaten for 20 hours or so, so threw on my suit and got to the bus stop before deciding I really was too ill to get into work after all.
So returned to the house to get changed into civilian clothes. Fell asleep again listening to the radio, then spent thirty minutes looking for my passport, which is, as far as I can tell, properly missing, which is stress when I want to leave the country. Meanwhile about ten or so people worked underneath me for ages, and I didn’t like to disturb. Snuck out.
In town now, have been trying to find out about whether I have medical cover vis-a-vis the NHS and the EU. I do, but I have to get the form stamped. In England. Shit. Nothing I can do really, will save it till tomorrow when my dad comes I suppose.

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