Twas my birthday yesterday – I am now officially 24, so woo.
I drank lots of beer and Jameson’s at Blind Eye and ate some seriously good munch at bar polo. All was good and so forth.
Jamie and Jackie have gone off agin, didn’t see that much of them as they were having a couple-ly weekend. Good luck and Cao to them if they are reading.

Hmmm… little else going on. Russ told me a good joke:
A man is walking down the street when he sees another man with an orange instead of a head. Immediately he stops him to ask; “why do you have an orange for a head?”
The man says “well, I rubbed a magic lamp and a genie came out and said I could have three wishes. First I wished for a beautiful wife and immediately I had one. Then I wished I had 50 million pounds. Immediately I had piles of money all around me”
“So,” said the first man, still confused, “what was your third wish?”
“I wished that I had an orange for a head.”

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