I’m reading The Trial right now so I took today out to sit on Kafka’s grave while reading it. Unfortunately Jewish cemeteries are closed on the Sabbath so I came here instead to write this.
Last night was Legends again, terrible place but amusing karaoke watching to be done, especially Gail with her operatic style take on eighties rock ballads and everyone singing Stones songs because its Mick’s 60th birthday and he’s in Prague to play a gig tonight.
Gail won the competition (no competition) but was at this point asleep on the table so I got to drink a good deal of her jug of long island ice tea. I should have gone to the Roxy at this point to jump up and down to techno but having been ripped off for the beers at Legends I couldn’t afford it. So I went to Blind eye with Chels & her friends, felt sick, went to bed.
Meanwhile, there are two random Irish guys apparently staying in our house. Not sure where they are supposed to be sleeping, but they seem nice enough.

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