A fourteen hour waking day yesterday, including five trips across the city, 1/4 of the day in total, due entirely to my leaving my keys behind.
I don’t have much to do today, besides sitting here and typing, plus one lesson at six. There has already been drama though. I was sitting on the metro half an hour ago when an old man ran to catch the doors before they closed. He got his arm in but the face was closer and caught in the door. One of his lenses flew out of his glasses to the floor of the carriage. The door stopped for a second, then reopened. He stepped back, then lunged forwards, but couldn’t quite get the door to stay open and it closed fully in front of him. The twenty people in the carriage watched in silence as the train pulled away, his bewildered one-lensed face watching us disappear into the distance, then one middle-aged woman got up, walked over to the door and picked up the lens. I have no doubt she’ll get it back to the lost property depot.
In other news, interesting to nobody except myself I think, today is the day of the 1st round conference playoff decider, Hereford have to beat Aldershot, should be able to do it, but a little apprehensive. We are 21 points clear of them, previous five games were victories, etc. Starts in 2 hours.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    james dear, send me your new email address, ive lost it already. hope prague continues to treat you well.
    love bea

  2. Anonymous says:

    AND it has just occurred to me, looking at that photo below of you with dark hair, that you look absurdly like carlos from interpol. note that this is in no way a bad thing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aldershot 4-2 penalties. Seems ridiculous for a side who were leading by so many points to go out in a lottery.
    Always next year though.

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