Its been a funny 24 hours.

Firstly, last night Jamie and Jackie from back in Southampton turned up in the Blind Eye without warning, a bit strange but great to see them again. They’re only here for a few days but we’ll show them the sights. maybe. I also got pissed out of my tiny mind last night as Hanna had the idea of drinking wine before we went to the pub.
Then today I got up and spent 2 hours scrubbing the flat clean.. at which point Jacques turned up and paced around my bedroom shouting at me for not cleaning it well enough. I really think he has some serious mental problems.. no wonder he couldn’t find anyone else to live with after being in Prague 6 years. I, fortunately, maintained a zen-like calm and will later taint his food.
Then on the way over here Bea finally phoned and told all about how they are doing over in Holland. Alright, apparently, though they only got jobs on Friday.
Finally just got an e-mail from Matt, informing me that his girlfriend from 4-5 years ago, Alica, has died in a car crash. Very sad news.

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