Cesky Krumlov

Krumlov had been in my plans for a couple of months previous to my visit, and a late flake-out from Lara and Carrie changed nothing. As I traveled down there by train it did seem like I could be going out of spite, but walking across the bridge into the old town squeegied such thoughts out of my mind. Even after visiting countless towns in (I think) 29 other countries it remains simply the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Just walking around there on a summer afternoon is enough to make me happy. Once I came on my own, having just been dumped and coming down with what turned out to be a month-long bout of bronchitis, and still managed to have a good time.
This visit was no different. Looking back all I did was wander round town, lounge around on Skippy’s balcony with some English girls and drink at Hostel 99, yet I’d say those were the best two days of the entire trip. Lara and Carrie; you missed out.

Now for pictures – here’s some of the castle.

…and other bits of it.

The view when you’re up there isn’t too shabby either.

The town itself maintains the same high standard.

It even looks great in the dark.

As I said above, much of my time was spent on the balcony at Skippy hostel, where view is a bit like this-

-and the main activity is watching people come down the weir in canoes. Each is the same, they crash down into the water, often screaming…

…manage to right themselves…

…think they’re past the worst of it and get complacent…

…capsize when they get to the turbulence…

…then make their way to the shore to try and get the water out of their boat.

Other sights include the castle bears…

…the underground vodka delivery pipes…

…and the train back to Prague.

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  1. hey sorry if this is a bit weird but i am trying to track down my friend, and haven’t heard from her in a long time. i was just wondering how you knew her and if you had heard anything from her or knew how i might contact her? thanks.

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