Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog #003 – The 1930s

My original plans for this week’s podcast had to be hastily shelved when I realised there were only 13mbs of space left for me to use. Instead of skipping a week here’s an alternative – a mono pod with sounds from the days before stereo was even invented.
The 1930s were the decade of the great depression, but also saw the lifting of prohibition in the USA. The jazz and blues that had remained relatively underground in the secretive late 1920s became the soundtrack of the age, with big bands starting to replace smaller groups.
The music here is presented roughly chronologically, with a couple of exceptions.

1. Cab Calloway and his Orchestra – Minnie The Moocher
2. Fletcher Henderson – Fidgety Feet
3. Leadbelly – Goodnight Irene
4. Tommy Dorsey’s Clambake Seven – The Music Goes Round and Round
5. Duke Ellington & The Washingtonians – Rockin’ In Rhythm
6. Charles Trenet – Je Chante
7. The Benny Goodman Sextet – I Got Rhythm
8. Fats Waller – It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie
9. Andrews Sisters – Bei Mir Bist Du Schön

(p.s. if anyone has any suggestions of songs about mice, rats or robots then please feel free to leave a comment below)
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