I was planning to spend a few weeks back in Prague before time and money constraints. With time away in Berlin and Krumlov it ended up being just over a week in total, which frankly wasn’t enough, though as always it was good to be back, though everyone who was happy to be there last time was either gone or starting to get tired of the place – and after Berlin it does look a little parochial, it’s true.
On the other hand there were a few other people who’d been away for a while – Lara, Carrie, Jan – which made the week more like the holiday it was supposed to be. It would be good if everyone who was around in 2003 could just arrive back en-masse for the summer next time, though unfortunately such things never seem to work out.

So, on to the pictures.

These are from a walk around the centre with Lara.

Before anything else we stopped of at the best cafe in the golden mile-

The we walked around some of the nicer, less crowded streets.

Leading to the very crowded and overphotographed Charles Bridge. So instead I waited until we were on the other side in Mala Strana.

There was an Andy Warhol exhibit on the island, but it was a little pricey. Instead we just took photos in a shiny thing outside.

Then we had a stroll along the waterfront…

…which never gets boring, though to be honest I never came this way in my whole two years of actually living in the city.

As usual the only really good view of the Charles Bridge is from the next bridge down.

You could say that this photo sums up modern Prague nicely. You’d have to be a complete cynical bastard to say so, but still…

Obviously I spent quite a while at the Blind Eye, since that was where we all met each-other and it still feels like our local. At least it does to me. Here’s Amanda being felt up by Austin’s girlfriend Kristin.

Marcus joins in the frolics. This was his last week here, but on the plus side we got to see him off. With beer.

Jan & Lara in the back room, featuring Jan’s drastic new haircut.

Russian Ivan. Wonder what he’s been doing…?

Managed to go to most of my favorite cafes too, including a couple of times to Cafe Lucerna. Here’s Amanda looking rather pensive.

…and me, uh, reading something in black and white.

Lara’s last night was the real last night for everyone. I was off a day later, but you can’t get everyone out two nights in a row. Hamish actually turned up this time, making two sightings in as many weeks. Vicky turned up too, despite having not drunk alcohol for two months, in Zizkov! I don’t usually use exclamation marks but I’d say one is needed there. And a medal.
Here she is with Hamish and Lara.

…and here Lara seems to have moved elsewhere.

As I was staying a metro stop away in Namesti Miru (at Amanda & Miriam’s flat) I took some pictures of that too. First here’s my tram stop.

There’s a church there too. Thinking about it, I’ve never actually been inside and I don’t so much as know its name. Probably something to do with “miru.”

Under all this is the metro station, featuring one of the longest escalators in Europe, which like much of Line A looks like it’s from the future.

Just to round things off here’s Amanda as we went in a taxi to the airport.

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  1. lula says:

    i found your blog through chris hadfield’s link to european countries’ names in chinese. completely unrelated, i know. anyway i speak czech and i found your posts about prague interesting – the church you never visited is a neogothic church of st. ludmila (grandmother of the country’s patron st vaclav/wenceslas). the name of the square is unrelated to the church. “mír” means “peace”, so in translation it’s “the square of peace” or something. i suppose it was changed from it’s previous name (after a certain scientist) after the fall of communism along with the other placenames (ex. “namesti republiky” is “square of the republic” etc.)

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