End of the saga.

So, I got tired of the con merchant and finished him off.

From: robert harare
Date: 1 Dec 06:00 (PST)
To: weejay@***.com
Subject: Re: Note

Hello James
you can not send me any posted letters because any letter that is coming to us in the refugee camp is been controlled you can look for a place to scan it .Is more safer for me.or send me your phone number so that i can call you when i have a fax i can receive the.it.
Or you send the information in the passport with that the lawyer can continue with the documents.

From: weejay@***.com
Date: 1 Dec 07:27 (PST)
To: rharare2@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Note

I have managed to find a scanner and include a scan of
my passport. My account number is 87045093 and my sort
code is 07-83-78. Unforunately I cannot give you my
phone number as I am unable to speak and therefore
don’t have a phone… I think we went over this.
Thanks for everything, James.

Salient facts to note:
1. Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe.
2. He’s now claiming to be in a refugee camp. Don’t think there are many of those in Holland, to be fair.
4. He does seem to have a Dutch mobile phone though.
4. My bank details are a lie, obviously.
5. This is the scan of my passport:

title or description

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2 Responses to End of the saga.

  1. that is the cutiest picture ever. well done x

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