Last night was spent at the pub, then on Alex’s sofa. Today, then, consisted of Futurama instead of job hunting. Still, I had my one lesson, so returned to Rohačova to get my Headway books from Russ. To my dismay my entrance was quickly followed by that of Jacques. I sat with Amanda in the dining room for a while, as he rattled dishes and shouted French swearwords, in his time-honoured fashion. Then, as I left, he decided to start having an actual go at me. Since I no longer live at the house, his material is wearing a little thin and he was forced to resort to accusing me of leaving a jar of marmite in the house. The house where 3 of my friends live, that would be. Some days that would be funny, but I’d had enough humour so all he got was a swift exhalation of breath and a brief “shut up,” which he took as provocation to order me to leave the house and never return again – “If I am here, you must leave!!”
I would like to use Jacques as a character in a sitcom treatment I’m writing, but have decided not to as nobody could really believe in such a ridiculously prissy gay Frenchman.

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