Friday night was as per usual. Went to the Akropolis club and sat around being boring. Later on somebody got punched in the face for breaking an ashtray. I was too tired to be out, after doing little or no work all week.
Saturday was Jess’s party. Almost nobody I knew turned up so I socialised with strangers a little, drank beer, wine and cheap whiskey, then passed out at 1.30, disappointed at the failure of my attempt to levitate Jess. When I awoke, fully clothed at 3.30 an almost entirely unclothed man was being shouted at and carried out of the room. Odd.
All in all there had been, in the two hours I had slept,
1. A guy trying to have fights with everyone
2. People getting off / making out with other people they shouldn’t
3. Somebody being sick
4. Somebody being shouted at and then crying.
All in all, I think you will agree, the components of a successful party. Shame I slept through most of it.
Sunday we did nothing apart from eat food and watch ‘Love, Actually’ which was appallingly bad, but occasionally funny. Occasionally.
Today I’ve already returned to my “house” to find the budgie missing, presumed dead. Last time I saw it was Friday, I was making faces at it and whistling, which is what you do with budgies, as far as I can tell. Though my actions are not related to the possible death of said bird, they were a little disrespectful considering the short time it had left to flutter across its little cage.
It was very fat, probably overfed. That would do it.

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