Army Hospital

On Saturday I went with V to the “Army Hospital” in Tongzhou. We’re scouting round the different maternity hospitals in the local area and right now it seems like the best bet.
All the same, it’s a Chinese hospital, and Chinese hospitals are, in short, a bit rubbish. If you think British hospitals are big on pointless queuing, waiting, filling in forms and walking around trying to work out where you should be then you’ve never been in a Chinese one. In addition they want your money at every point, and because it’s a gynecological department men aren’t allowed anywhere except the corridor. Still, sitting in various corridors may be dull, but it’s not actually unpleasant, just a shame I wasn’t allowed in to see the ultrasound scan. Mind you, even V wasn’t allowed to see the screen, she was just given a printout. With the one-child policy they’re understandably concerned that female foetuses will be aborted, so have gone out of their way to make sure that nobody can find out the sex of their baby.
The hospital is fairly clean and not particularly rude to us, so we might well use it. There’s one more possible place in Tongzhou, but it’s probably not any better. Either way, both are a world away from the horrible places we saw in the centre. After five hours there we didn’t feel like checking out the other hospital, so took the bus back home. The sky was so smoggy it looked like dusk at 3pm. Tongzhou can be a depressing, run-down place in certain areas, and certain times, and this was both, but just having an afternoon off just hanging out is great anyway.
You can tell V is pregnant now, just about. There’s a bulge and she can feel it kicking all the time, but nobody is offering her a seat on the bus or trying to feel her belly. Her mother’s fussing around her all the time, directing her to eat piles of eggs for breakfast and avoid a huge list of things which I’m certain have no ill effects. The date’s still a way off, but approaching rapidly now.

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4 Responses to Army Hospital

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is awesome news. how many weeks are you, 14, 16? very exciting! hope all is going well. I guess this means we won’t be seeing you any time soon? Enjoy the anticipation and all that come swith it. Fun timesz.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: congratulations!!!
      this was Duncan, btw! Dx

      • Re: congratulations!!!
        Hi Duncan – I didn’t realise that you didn’t know. At this point I’ve completely forgotten who I’ve told and who I haven’t – it’s not a secret at this point. Anyway, we’re on 21 weeks, but it’s a late 21, without too much detail think of it as 18 or so. Due at the end of February. So yeah, probably won’t be back in the UK for Christmas this year.

        • Re: congratulations!!!
          when you do come back i’m looking forward to seeing weejay junior, a shame you won’t be back this year and now i’m working permanantly i’ve had to stop hold my travel plans…
          anywhoo, hope it all goes well so keep us updated.

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