OK, so livejournal just deleted this so I’m going to have to type it all out again, gah!

So (he said even though he’d said it before and feels like a fucking cunt having to repeat himself) I’ve got a job, first paid lesson tomorrow, whoop de woo.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have been mainly corrupting five 20-year-old Finnish girls who came here for a holiday having never before (a) smoked (b) drank (except a couple of times) (c) heard of anyone using drugs of any kind and (d) ever left their little farming town before.
Finnish Girl #3: Excuse me, what are you doing there?
Matthew from Blind Eye: I’m making a special cigarette
FG3: How is it special?
MBE: I’m putting this in it.
FG3: And what is that?
MBE: It’s the pollen of a plant.
FG3: I think this plant grows in my back garden
MBE: I don’t think it does…
FG3: No, is it called (something Finnish)?
(2 mins of Finnish conversations to establish nature of plant)
FG3: Is this drugs?
MBE: Yes, like this is a drug (points to beer)
FG3: Would you reccomend it?
MBE: I enjoy it myself and you may do too
FG3: May I have some
(FG3 takes a huge toke and holds it down for ages)
There’s no punchline to this, it was just a moderately funny night.

For those of my non-existent readers who are in England you may like to check out the MP3s of $tolen Grand, the band my house-mates had back in, ooh, 1999 at Timternet’s new site – http://www.angelfire.com/myband/tv62/index.html – I can’t since I’m in a frickin’ internet cafe but never mind, eh?

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  1. rubysurprise says:

    did they finnish it?

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