So I went out to the Clown and Bard again for a few bevvies before bed and had the usual conversation about, yeah, like wow, is that, like, a mobile phone or a brick?
What jolly backpackers often fail to appreciate is that, like the Amish, the expats of Prague live in a world where modern technology is shunned, the only difference being that our cut off point is somewhere around 1997. Nokias with ‘Snake 2’ are looked upon with wonderment and CD burners are a magical new technology bestowed upon the few.
Meanwhile, in the real world, ringtones apparently now account for ten percent of music sales. This fact leaves me open-mouthed shocked because I can’t think of anything worse than seeing some businessman on the metro answering his phone while it plays The Final Countdown by Europe. Ringtones are appalling, all of them, don’t give a shit how long you spent programming them. If you have a pop tune ringtone you are just not cool. Get a phone that rings, please.
Went into the office to collect my pay packet, which amounted to a measly 3204 crowns, aka not much money at all, plus a telling off for not attending a meeting I was told was voluntary. Pissed off generally. Will spend what money remains on Jameson’s.

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