so, 3 days later…

I did manage to get to Paris in the end, it may have taken me a long time but they did put me in the executive business lounge and gave me free cappuccino and orange juice and comfy chairs, so I sat about and drank that while lots of businessmen looked at me with disbelief.
Found Charlie pretty easily once I got here, and after I’d had a sleep for 18 or so hours I tagged along with her and her friends and her boyfriend who kindly took me to squats with artists in (many of these) and cheap(ish) food. I also went on a solo expedition up the obvious Eiffel Tower but I walked up instead of taking the lift because I rock. Yes, there has been a lot of walking – I’ve even had to buy new shoes to avoid developing a double-limp.
Anyway, everyone else has moved on, even the other guys in my dorm who flew out of paris yesterday. I feel sorry for the Palestinian one, he’s going to have had so much trouble getting on a plane on september the 11th.
Went to the Pompidou centre today, not terribly impressed with the outside, more grubby plastic tubes than bold architecture I’d say. The art inside was all pretty good though, best was a video, must have been 20 minutes which just had things rolling down and hitting other things which lit a firework, which moved a tyre, you know the kind of thing, but this one went on for 20 minutes, just getting more and more complex and bizarre. I could list some other good stuff but I’ve got 2 mins left, so…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is endemic in China
    can you get it from eating infected dogmeat?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe, this being LiveJournal and all, that you have not been flamed mercilessly already. Mmmmmmmm, dog…
    Whaen are you going to eat cat?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eating any meat is wrong, you scumbag

    • Anonymous says:

      get off it! not eating meat on pure principle is a disgrace to the culinary wonders of this world – and to humanity on the whole. face it, we are all part of a global food chain and refusing to eat meat is therefore going against nature!

      • Anonymous says:

        Global food chain my arse…
        You giant mong. Eating meat is wrong – end of story.

        • Anonymous says:

          Re: Global food chain my arse…
          hahah ure and idiot

        • Anonymous says:

          Re: Global food chain my arse…
          You are a cunt.
          Go and die somewhere, you pitiful vegetable-smooching lentil-worshipping grungebag.

          • Anonymous says:

            Re: Global food chain my arse…
            You loves teh meat so much then how about a mouthful of my salty spam pipe in your cunty sausage hole. IN THE FACE.
            Hehe where’s the photo of this chap fishing the collar and nametag out of his stew then?

        • rubymurray says:

          Humans have to eat meat, as certain essential amino acids neccessary for brain function and cell repair in the human system can only be obtained from meat. These aminos are more commonly found in bacon, which is why bacon is a good way to break a veggie because thier brain is literally crying out for it.
          /100% of fact

          • rubymurray says:

            Wrong Answer! Next…..

            • This goes out to all the preachy meat-eaters.
              Actually she’s completely right. You can indeed get all the nutrients you need without eating meat.
              I don’t know if you realise this, but while I’m a carnivore my family are vegetarian. So when you say “most vegetarians” what I hear is “the people I care about and who wouldn’t dare go around telling other people what to do with their lives”.
              You are right that some vegetarians can be judgemental and preachy, as we can see above. They have nothing, however, on the keenest meat eaters, who seem to make it their life’s mission to force vegetarians to eat meat. The anonymous comment above is shitty and I don’t like being called a scumbag of course, but you don’t have to respond by being patronising and offensive to all vegetarians, that’s just as bad.
              How about I eat what I like, you eat what you like, she eats what she likes, and we stop telling each-other what to eat?

              • Re: This goes out to all the preachy meat-eaters.
                How very, very well put.

              • Re: This goes out to all the preachy meat-eaters.
                I was very uncomfortable reading about the dog-eating experience (not that I thought you were evil or anything). Then I read this comment. I’m still uncomfortable, but thank you so much for saying that!
                I get harassed all the time for being a vegetarian, and I always respond with, “Why do you care what I eat?”
                I’d never tell you not to eat dog or any other animal (unless you asked me for advice on the subject, which you wouldn’t). The distinction between dog and pig or cow and horse is totally arbitrary.

              • rubymurray says:

                Good for you
                Can’t say that I ever had though, as I stated.

            • Anonymous says:

              Re: BONG
              ICON. LOVE.
              umm…. cake?

          • rubymurray says:

            Yeah I guess so, I wasn’t going to be the one to say it. There have been studies to show that vegetarian children don’t do as well at sports or school.

          • moscow_beast says:

            Re: BONG
            Taurin, and many more amino acids contains in meat, and prevents some diseases like insular diabetes. It’s can not be found in foods of plant in alible state. As I know :)

            • uchikikun says:

              Re: BONG
              It is unfortunate that you are not talking to a cat! :)
              Taurine is not an essential amino acid for humans: our bodies synthesize it. I stand by my original statement.

              • moscow_beast says:

                Re: BONG
                Wow, I will know :)
                Wherever, I love my friends – vegetarians for that that they do not prevent me to eat normally. They vegetarians for religious reasons, and at me other religion. I very glad, that they do not impose to me it like Islamic extremists.

            • Anonymous says:

              Re: BONG
              for a good source of easy to metabolize taurine, go drink a red bull! or any other energy drink. they tend to have plenty.

        • Anonymous says:

          Re: Global food chain my arse…
          Too bad a majority of the world eats meat, eh? :) Are you one of those morons who tries to make his cat eat lettuce?

          • Anonymous says:

            Re: Global food chain my arse…
            If you feed your cat an entirely vegetarian diet it will die a slow and painful death due to lack of taurine.

        • Anonymous says:

          Re: Global food chain my arse…
          Okay, humor me. Why is it so wrong?
          Is it wrong when animals do it?
          Is it wrong that our ancestors were hunters?

          • Re: Global food chain my arse…
            Yeah, I’m pretty much with you on that one. This has kind of already been said, but I just wanted to get it out there to make sure. A little clarification.
            Many vegetarians don’t think they’re going to change the world, or that humans were ‘not meant’ to eat meat. They just disagree with the mass production of meat and are dissatisfied with poor standards within the meat industry. So, they don’t put their money into it, and they don’t eat it. It’s civil disobedience.

    • Anonymous says:

      scumbaggy me!
      Hi, I respect the fact your a veggie,but you say that it’s wrong to eat meat. How do you know? Or is it just your opinion. I’m not just using semantics, but I honestly have no way of knowing if it’s wrong or not.I can think of moralising arguments on both sides.I’m maybe not as smart as you, because I don’t know if it’s wrong or not. Regards, Max

      • Re: scumbaggy me!
        It’s entirely a matter of opinion, although the human body is designed to be omnivorous. This is not to say one cannot live on a vegetarian diet and be healthy, so don’t bother jumping down my throat on that one. Moderation is key, as with all things.
        If you’re worried about the conditions of the animals, go for free range and/or organic products.

    • Anonymous says:

      Matter of opinion.
      Christ you vegan/vegetarian fucks are nasty, loud and belligerent… This comment was uncalled for, and better yet, serves no purpose. Do you think somebody is going to re-evaluate their entire life because you left an anonymous comment telling them they were “wrong” and a “scumbag”?
      Grow up. Don’t go around telling other people what is right and wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        thank you. I agree with that, except you should have said “Christ SOME OF YOU vegan/vegetarian fucks…”. It is wrong to judge an entire group based on the actions of some. That is one of the bigger reasons for this entire worlds collective “fucked-upness”. I am sure you meant not to attack all non-meat-eaters, but I felt that should be put out there.

    • holyhackjack says:

      Why don’t you go bother some wild animals that are eating meat? I am sure they will listen to your prattle.

    • Heh… if it was wrong, we wouldn’t be omnivores. We are born with molars and canines. Know what our canines are for? Ripping meat off the bones. If humans were biologically not suppose to eat meat, would would have only molars to grind vegetables.
      I LOVE meat. I love the taste, smell, texture and look of it. I LOOOOOOOOVE cheese, eggs and milk. I’m the exact opposite of a vegetarian. Anything animal, put it on my plate.
      I don’t need some salad-loving tofu-eating arrogent prick telling me that I’m not allowed to love something because they don’t. I’m a woman who likes sex with men. Should I be a lesbian because a lesbian says sex with men is wrong? Should I be an insomniac because someone who doesn’t like to sleep says sleep is a waste of time? We need meat to be healthy, sex to reproduce, and sleep to survive. Just because I CAN get all the nutriants I need from vegetables doesn’t mean I shouldn’t not eat meat… just like I CAN get imbetro fertilization but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t not have sex… or just like the situation where if they came up with a way to get rest without sleeping it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t NOT take a nap.
      Live your own lifestyle, don’t tell me how to live mine.

      • Anonymous says:

        at least give the lesbian thing a go

      • Gorillas have massive canines, and they are totally vegetarian. So the teeth argument really doesn’t fly.
        That being said, I don’t give a fuck what you eat. You leave me to my lentils and tofu, and I’ll leave you to your burgers and bacon.

        • I wasn’t talking to you, unless you’re the anonymous poster up at the top. Wasn’t it my whole argument that I just wanted my meat to be left alone? I don’t give a shit what you veggie lovers eat, I just don’t want you rubbing your lettuce in my face, like I don’t rub my steak in yours.

    • Anonymous says:

      Eating dog
      Hope you were very sick and had diarrhoea. Eating dog is too sickening for words. YOU make me sick.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nothing I like to see more than a lady with some tail in her mouth!
    Aside from the obligatory daft comment then this is a fine effort though the tofu sounds nasty. Next on your list, if your ever in the middle east, should be camel cock. While eating it a mate said “just imagine, thats been a camels pussy”. That was slightly offputting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ate some in nam, it was disgusting! but mine was cold served on some leaves and w/ a shot of snake wine-

  6. apweiler says:

    I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat dog, even though I know it’s entirely irrational – heck, I’ll eat fluffy bunnies; I don’t even *like* dogs but the conditioning is to strong.
    But the fermented tofu sounds interesting. Seems to be making a lot of people go “ewww”, but I’m a great fan of strong blue cheeses, so that stuff sounds *very* intriguing.
    Mmmh, exotic food…

  7. I’m a dog lover and would never eat one, but I still have to thank you for doing so and writing this. You’ve saved me from just that much idle curiosity.
    Hooray for foodtube!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Re: On feeding a dog the bones
    ugh, balut – shiver!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sod the tales of dog scoffing – why is she your ex?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bullet proof stomach!!
    I love my B3TA for opening my eyes to all these things you guys get up to!! I have travelled and worked in many countries worldwide and have come across some very strange food!! But I have never been very good at trying these exotic dishes!! I laugh my arse off when I see what your Bullet proof stomach can take!!!! I am proud of you my son!!!!
    The camels cock btw i did try by accident, I saw one on a plate and it was remarkebly like a fried banana so I ordered it! only when I took the first chew did I realise my mistake, so now bananas are off the menu too :-(

  11. bad80shair says:

    You’ve no idea what breed it is? I want to post cute pictures of one.
    Fuck it, let’s just asume it was this little tacker:

    No wonder the meat was tender, this little bastard’s never worked a day in his life!

  12. Sewer rats are diseased and filthy, pet rats are perfectly clean and adorable. :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love dogs, but I’m always up to try new things. I doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity though :\
    Good post :)

  14. skullbound says:

    You’d eat your friends and loved ones before you ate a dog?
    Some people might find that disgusting.

    • rubymurray says:

      You are not wrong. Saying you’d eat a human first is mental, and a little worrying.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    How did it die?
    Have you given any thought to how the animal was put to death? A trip into the preparation area of the restaurant would have likely revealed an animal made to suffer a painful and protracted violent death. Eat animals if you must, but at least don’t promote the inhumane ways in which animals are killed for food. If you eat animals, the least you can do to honour its life is to afford it the humanity of a quick and painless death. All animals killed for food should be killed quickly and painlessly, this applies to the more traditionally eaten animals such as cows, pigs and sheep, not just to the ones we in the west keep as pets.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: How did it die?
      How on earth can you know? For all you know they might have bought it frozen in a packet.

    • Re: How did it die?
      I’m sure you can see from the photos above that it is too small a restaurant to kill their own meat. Whatever the circumstances in which it was killed it can’t be worse than it is for livestock in the USA.
      I resent being accused of “promoting the inhumane ways in which animals are killed for food.” – this is absolutely not true. I am at least interested in the subject. Why aren’t you protesting outside McDonald’s instead?

  16. There should be plenty of places to eat dog in Korea, I wouldn’t worry about that.

  17. Veal makes a lot of meat. Why not that little ugly thing?

  18. Hahahahaha.
    It’s not ugly, by the way. I totally lied.

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. staytrescool says:

    Hmm interesting. I’m a strict vegetarian and unlike most I’m not bothered by people eating dogs. It’s pretty interesting. We need some faux dog meat haha.

    • Anonymous says:

      have u tried , a human yet, wotts it taste like, please believe, me i don,t have a problem eating dog, but its the way these poor animals are kept, in
      bad dog boxs , or cages ,till kill for their meat, then again the chinese
      will eat any thing,even the shark, and whale, are not safe

  21. Anonymous says:

    Are meat eaters hypocritical to condemn the consumption of dog? I think not. Not even thinking about the fact that the dog’s, well, a dog, surely the conditions these dogs are kept and then killed in are enough to turn your stomach?
    I wouldn’t eat a factory farmed pig that had lived it’s so-called life in a cage, and died in abject terror, yet I love chowing down on his freerange, organic couterpart, whose spent a life outdoors, with the freedom to behave naturally. Same goes for cows, kangaroos, whatever.
    Take a walk through the dog markets before you chow down next time. If your appetite hasn’t fast disappeared, then maybe you belong in one of the cages, covered in your own faeces, waiting in quaking fear for the release of a painful death …

  22. Anonymous says:

    eat humans
    Maybe eating humans would be the next step for mankind.
    Maybe if men eat human meat they will become even more “potent”
    than if they eat other meat.
    Then ladies will really go for guys like that.
    KARMA you will pay for the pain you cause to living beings.
    Don’t worry you will live in darkness forever

  23. Anonymous says:

    Re: eat humans
    Well said…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Don’t think I could eat one sober, but they do look very appealing–nice color, a refreshing lack of eyes… Shame about the smell.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey there, i used to live in china and saw those things everywhere and never tried them, a mate said they were quite tasty but i thought you actually had to talk the silk-worm out when you were eating them?.
    As another tasty china tidbit, try intestines…looks and smells like bacon, that is until you bite into it and realise it’s not quite bacon but rather something much more offal!!

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