Working and swimming all day as usual. In the first part, there was at least one customer whose finances had been spectacularly fucked up somewhere along the line. In the second lots of macho fuckheads who seem to think the point of swimming is to hit your arms as hard against the water as possible, and the more people you really piss off the better. I hope they all lose their arms somehow.
After work I popped by the co-op to pick up on special offer the most disgusting so-called “food” ever to be sold to the public of Britain, namely this:

How it got through basic testing is a mystery. Not only is it beyond repulsive in its flavour but it also maintains a dominance over a meal even when combined with 90% quality ingredients. I might as well have put melted polystyrene in my food. It’s pretty much the third worst thing in the world after film dubbing and people who use the word ‘overrated’ all the time. I’d rather eat halva, and that makes me vomit.

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  1. Laurel C says:

    Greaat reading your post

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