Hung out with Hamish for a change last night, my first free weeknight in a while. He had extensive stories of goings on around Zizkov, most of which were pretty unpleasant.
For example: on Saturday Becker was chatting to some Chicago guy in the Akropolis. The guy had seemed alright, he said. Down at the tram stop, on his way home, he had been stopped by the guy’s friend, who offered him a joint. Becker refused and the guy grabbed his hat and sprinted away. Around the corner he was grabbed by the guy and his friend, who kicked him in the face, shouting “why did you steal my camera?!” Becker had, of course, stolen no camera, but in the resulting action the guitar on his back was smashed. Being Americans in the area they shouldn’t be hard to find, and a lynch mob was out for them yesterday. Crazy shit.
Had a couple of beers and played shithead, then went home when everyone was off to the Roxy.
Not up to a great deal today, besides going for a little meal as it is Jess’s birthday and her housemate is cooking some food.
I had refried chili for breakfast. It was safely stored in tupperware for 4 days and then refried to within an inch of carbonation. I am not vomiting yet so I think I will probably be ok. Though my stomach is protesting a little maybe.

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  1. how does refried chilli work?
    i made an amazing chilli for dinner. half a jar of doritos salsa, veggy mince, gravy, lots of chilli powder. ace.

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