A monster of a weekend, mainly due to the recovery process for illness, incomplete on Friday and held in a state of suspended animation due to extensive consumption of rich food and alcohol in the intervening time. Today I am shattered, but fortunate in not having to do a lot tomorrow.
I don’t have to do a lot tomorrow because I just lost 3 lessons. Too bad. They come and they go.
But anyway, back to the weekend. My dad and stepmum were here so I spent most of the time taking them round old town and showing them all the usual tourist stuff. It was good, though my dad does have the habit of buying me too much in the way of alcohol, meaning that I am unsure whether my illness is in fact just an extended hangover.
The food was good though. My last 5 meals have all been in restaurants. Saturday night I brought Jess out and we had a meal in Radost, which was very nice.
I have been back to my “house” for only short periods, mainly to sleep or get changed. Martin had a good deal of his extended family there all weekend. I think they are gone but can’t be sure. There was one old man in particular who, in the small amount of time I was in the house, managed to knock on my door and continually attempt to talk to me in Czech, despite my protests that I couldn’t understand. Staying away, but will have to return for food tonight. Oh well.

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