So, it has come to this. If I don’t find work in the next two weeks I go back to England and work there for a bit, save up, etcetera. Don’t want to do this at all, but needs may well demand. There is no money left at all, I am living off Točeny Salám and Knedliky.
In the world of entertainment, meanwhile, I had fun with Miriam last night scaring Amanda with hockey masks and an imitation knife. She did wake up Jacques with her screaming, which is perhaps less funny. He shouted “Hey Ho!” too, very very strange.
Today is Valentine’s Day, so I will be exposing myself in front of expensive restaurants. That’ll learn em.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    am back!!!!
    no not really. last time i said “if i don’t find a job in a week i will have to leave” i ended up working for Year of the Shit so be careful.
    work in england is inevitable at some point but it sucks maybe thats cos i’m temping and spend a lot of my day in a cupboard filing.still i get a new exciting (hopefully) temp job in a week. god am broke and consequently bored but i am doing health overload which is nice but i still can’t fit in any damn pants (sorry i mean trousers)anyways say hello to all.
    and see you in the summer sun! yes!!!!
    this is lisa by the way.

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