As from now housemate types Amanda and Ivana are the new bar staff at the Marquis De Sade, a nineteenth century ex-bordello in old town. The rest of us have all been hanging out there and being generally annoying. When we aren’t looking for work ourselves, that is. Or, more realistically, at the blind eye, where we can afford to buy the beer.
2 interviews this week, though. Wish me luck.
The trouble is, I am sick. Tonsilitis probably, though maybe just some kind of flu. One lesson tomorrow, not sure if it will happen. My other malaise is the result of a comedy incident last night when I lay in the bath listening to the radio, which was delicately balanced on top of the washing machine. When the spin cycle began said radio edged gradually towards the three-foot drop and instead of getting out of the bath I watched it like a fool. When it decided to go for the plunge all of a sudden I leapt out of the bath, skidded briefly on the floor and twisted my leg around, scraping it on something so badly its a miracle I didn’t injure myself further. I was also a few inches from connecting my wet hand to the mains electricity. That would’ve been an interesting way to go.
Nothing else of any note has happened, besides the house getting struck by lightning a few days back. That was a laugh. The whole building shook and there was an immense flash of light and a deafening boom. It was 1pm, the blinds were drawn and I had been asleep.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All sounds a bit ‘Final Destination’ to me mate.
    Met any funny skeletal types all dressed in black/holding a sickle recently?
    Don’t die before I get back at least.

  2. poranila_se says:

    this is incredible – glad to hear you’re okay tho.
    watch out for falling tram lines and the like…

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