The weekend is back.
I got drunk again, insulted some Jolly Backpackers, did all the usual shit. Ate parek v rohliku, drank free coffee, snuck into the house at 6am and did naughty things. Tonight will be the same again.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Naughty things could mean many things.
    Explain yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        eating fried cheese with your hands is not really naughty

        • Anonymous says:

          A prime example as to why I keep all my dirty laundry out of my blog – well, most of it. Some is still piled up in a bathroom in Zizkov most likely and the rest I wear like a badge of honour, by crikey.
          So glad am I that the ‘Hamish Weekly Gossip Column’ idea didn’t eventuate…how fuckin’ boring would that’ve been.

          • Censored = boring, Hamish, that’s the problem. Wish I could really write about everything, unfortunately a good quantity of the true experiences of my life could be interpreted by others as “dirty laundry.” Would like just to be honest and say everything, why shouldn’t I? Yeah, I know why, is just fucking frustrating, you know? Would like to talk about girls and stuff occasionally, but probably still won’t.
            I have a magic button on my Blog, it says “Private Entry.” Don’t like to use it, but do so every few days.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oops. Me.

        • Anonymous says:

          Shit mate – HELLO!!!!!
          Russ, can you still remember your/my cellph. pin code???
          Luv, H.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sweet ass, don’t worry – found the last post – cheers again.
            P.S. have transplanted sim-card into a brand-spankin’ new Nokia chassis. Veryniceindeed.

  2. jon_wakeham says:

    Where you can find me
    This account is for Twitter and LiveJournal, its my Nom-de-plume!
    Yet another way to follow each other’s progress.
    Yer Dad

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