Free Mondays at the Roxy Club are essential, especially when Orbith is playing.
So that was last night, and all very good too.

Yesterday I went for an interview at a film production company here in Prague. The story goes like this: two well paid phone sales guys wrote a script in a “lock stock and two smoking barrels” style and decided to make it, financed through….
yup, telesales.
The company employs legions of people to be ‘associate producers.’ The job of an ‘associate producer’ is to phone up businessmen in England / Germany and read out a prepared script asking them to buy into this lousy film.
When they’ve made enough money, one of these useless clots is going to buy in some film stars and attempt to actually direct this film himself, though he has no experience and knows nothing about the business. This will probably never happen as the staff are constantly leaving, despite getting a good wage. Meanwhile, the “associate producer,” an annoying american dick with a black ponytail and goatee who sexually harasses the female staff, orders everyone about and makes their lives a misery.
I was offered the job, but I won’t call back as I would hate working there even more than starving in the gutter.

Additional: their website –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    somehow i cant help but notice an absence of my earlier comment which begs the question, did you get it? if not, the essential info was:
    hamish needs to call me if he wants his money, and who got the ballet dancer? both are issues of burning importance obviously. glad i left before the facade of ikea classiness dissloved to reveal the flats true shitey communist-era self.
    love bea

    • erm
      Russ “got” “the ballet dancer”, they are in Cesky Krumlov and, apparently, love.
      Hamish will phone you when he gets around to it, two years perhaps?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bea (and James-of course)!
    Its great to hear you news and that everything is going well there! I have been wondering kind of similar questions with you (like who got the ballet dancer;D)and now I can give you some hints. Someone is in love with ballet dancer and his name starts with R and its not Hamis..Im not really surprised. All the best and good for them.
    Are you still going to Prague before going home for Xmas? Im propably going there around middle of December (I just have to robber a bank etc first) and it would be great to see you!!
    all the best to you and take care!
    Greetings from cold, dark and boring Hel(l)sinki

    • Hum. I’m starting to think this humble journal is becoming a breeding ground for gossip.
      Looking foward to seeing you, Hah nah, but I’m away from the 14th to the 27th. New year will be the time I suppose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi J!
    Maybe that gossip thing is sign of lack of own life? ;)But at least now you know that there is lots of people around the world reading this.
    I hope I can come to Prague before 14th,its possible if I can make my papers, exams etc earlier (which gonna means that I really got no social life during the next 3 weeks, but I hope its worth of that), but we will meet defenitely around New Years eve.
    And what was that “ravintolassa”-thing? very strange… I really was at the consert of “Cleaning Women” at saturday, they are playing (men dressed up as women)shopping trolls etc. “household instruments”, with computer. It was quite cool actually.
    Otherwise everything is the same.
    p.s I get a letter from Chelsea last week.That was really nice, i hope I can meet her also there.
    p.p.s Why it takes about 12 hours to get my message to this? Im not THAT far.

    • You got a letter from Chelsea?!?!?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I think she is doing better now. Please, go to visit her again. Im sure she would be really happy.

        • Anonymous says:

          ooooh i love gossip!
          ahem. hi hannah, good to hear from you. my job is so hellishly awful right now that i am considering a weekend in prague which i cant afford but which i fully deserve. (to briefly recap- redneck manager threatened me, he got fired, now im doing his job as well as my own and his girlfriends who he forced to quit) in which case…when will you be there? i leave this part of the world for good on the 18th december.
          james, more communication would be appreciated. theres not too much to get overly happy about here.
          love bea

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