Boring week. I have been tearing myself away from the pub so I can do some writing and stuff. I am also now the only single straight man in the house, a nice position to be in, I’d like to think. But maybe it isn’t.
Give a shit.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘the only single white male’
    me and dan came up with three possiblities for what this could mean:
    1. hamish and russ have decided to ‘save space’ by sharing a bed. some of dans pictures appear to lend weight to this theory
    2. jaques hamish and russ ditto. not so likely.
    3. hamish and russ have both got themselves new girlfriends, which begs the question, who the hell got the croatian ballet dancer? lucky bastard. this seems the most plausible, since i assume shes haring a room with one of them. do fill me in on the situation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    for christs sake i am a muppet. that was me, bea, in case you wondered. drop us a bloody line.

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