Pulp and life

I was very happy indeed when I found out the other day that Pulp were going to reform, Russell and all. I’m still pleased about it now, but the fact that I’m almost certainly going to miss their gigs has put a damper on things a bit. When The Yummy Fur reformed for a tour last year it was frustrating enough… I’m just waiting for the original lineup of The Soft Machine to get back together to complete the set.

Maybe Pulp will do another few gigs around Christmas 2011. It’s very unlikely, but I can dream.

Last night I managed to have a night out for once, at a quiz night at some bar in Sanlitun. A team called “grass mud horse” won, we had a game of darts, I caught up with a few faces from 2007, a good time was had by all, etc, etc. I’ll have to make a return visit in a few weeks, as a gesture towards regaining some kind of social life.
Otherwise life has been continuing as normal. And any day now Beijing’s heating will be turned on! So things are looking up. A bit.

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