I think it was two weeks ago now that there was a full moon party at the Sands Bar. I was at the door greeting the foreigners in exchange for beer. Not a bad set-up. John was DJing:

Samantha came along and “helped out” too-

Here’s me hard at work with Benson, my old TA-

Beth was selling tequila shots in a water pistol, just like in Blighty-

There was a eleven-year-old French girl in a ballgown who followed her around asking for a shot. here she is dancing-

Here are the owners of the bar and the reasons why it’s the only decent place to go in the city:

The staff there are cool too, hung out with them a fair amount-

Later on we went and sat down next to the sea-

Then in an instant the wind went from nothing to almost gale force. There was a typhoon approaching. Beth, John and Alex took their clothes off and ran into the sea. I thought about taking photos but then thought it was proably my only change to swim in the sea in the night during a typhoon, so I followed. I’m really glad I did.
After twenty minutes it started to rain a bit, so we came ashore to find lots of our clothes missing. My shirt was gone, but John had lost everything-

…including his phone, wallet and house keys.
Then the rain really came in, and everyone ran back to hide inside, except Beth and JJ, who went dancing-

It was a good night, and we’ll be doing it all again next month.

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  1. mind_at_war says:

    looks like a lot of fun.

  2. artysmokes says:

    I’ve reciprocated your add. Fuck knows why. I hate people who travel.

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