This last weekend was in many ways a re-run of the previous one, but better. I went to Macau again, but this time with company and pleasant weather. I actually bought an MP4 player instead of just looking at them. With this purchase my life feels substantively more complete:

We also returned to the beach bar, but this time John was DJing. The set started a little shakily when one-track into the mix he had to give up the decks to a dance troupe who insisted that “Wannabe” be played for their routine. After they’d cleared off all went well.
Every time I go to this place I like it more. It’s moreorless the perfect bar. Though life was good in this city before, this is the first really decent place to go out at night. We’re having a full moon party there on Wednesday, which should be good. First, though, two full days of work and the rescheduled school zoo expedition.

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