It’s been a bit of a chore to write in this journal recently. Not because I don’t want to or that I’ve been very busy but just because I don’t know how to write about being happy and contented without it being boring. There are things that annoy me a bit, as ever, but nothing occupies my mind enough for me to consider writing about it.
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays are spent teaching kids, which isn’t stressful any more. Other days and nights are spent lying by the lido, going out to restaurants with my girlfriend, drinking beer at the beach bar, occasionally watching DVDs. All great to do and boring to read about.

Entirely unrelatedly, here is a list of the most viewed articles on Wikipedia. This includes in the top twenty alone;

5. List of gay porn stars
6. Sexual intercourse
9. List of sex positions
10. Kama Sutra
11. Pornography
14. List of big-bust models and performers
18. Oral sex

and most worryingly

20. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

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  1. artysmokes says:

    And I thought Wiki was the tool of choice for intelligent web researchers.
    Hmmm. I said “tool”. :D

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