The constant rain of June has given way to almost unbearable heat over the last few weeks. When I’m not at home or at work I’m generally at the outdoor swimming pool next to the hotel down the road. I even have a tan, of sorts – never been so dark in my life, though I spend most of the time hiding in the shade.
After the brief post-term lull the school has started summer camp. This means I teach on weekdays rather that the weekend. The classes are better this time – not sure if this is because I have discipline worked out now or whether they genuinely are better kids, but it’s a less stressful working day. As a working day is 8-to-5 right now I’m very glad I don’t have to shout. Still, very tired by the end of the day and can’t seem to get round to writing anything at the moment.
Sunday is my birthday so I’m having a pool party on Saturday and you’re all invited.

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  1. you can’t have a party on sunday because i’m having one on saturday and that just won’t work!

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