From 11am:
On Thursday my housemates came back late saying “We’re having a party tomorrow.”
“Please don’t,” I said, “I have to go to bed at 10.30. Can’t we do it on Saturday?” But nobody was listening or something.
So, here I am at work on Saturday morning after a half night of sleep, despite sleeping pills. Everyone was drunk already, having fun with floor shaking funk while I was lying on my single pillow trying to get kip instead of fun.
I woke at 2 to the sound of Ramon singing / screaming from down the stairs and would’ve gone downstairs if I wasn’t so drowsy from the pill. Then at 3 I woke up again, this time to the sound of Ramon and Liam screaming like they were going to kill each-other. Not good, and quite a surprise.
Still, I managed to get to sleep again eventually, despite Ramon coming into my room to get something at 3.30 and leaving the light on, but now we’ve got a deluge of calls and I just can’t take it.
I want to go home and to bed. Tonight I will sleep like a log, so there goes my weekend. Monday I’m back to work again, next day off is the following Sunday.

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  1. “Last night a DJ killed my dog” isn’t that a Mr. Oizo track! Analogue Worms Attack is a killer Album!

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