Sunday wasn’t too shabby. Ate some food with friends and then went off to visit my most recent ex. We took ten minutes or so trying to find somewhere to get a drink. Don’t think it could have gone better really. Genuinely no hard feelings and glad we’re still in touch. She’s staying here for another three years now, which is more staying power than I had.
The rest of the time I’ve been hanging out with Miriam. On Sunday we went up to Akropolis with Jan, Lara & Chris and generally discussed life at 3am, then went to play multiball foozball for a while. I didn’t get very much sleep due to the large dog mysteriously in the flat that morning.
Yesterday we went clothes shopping. I got a hat, she got what has to be the coolest dress in the world from an obscure little retro clothing shop we found down an alley. The music in there was the funniest – Opera & oom-pah band versions of ‘Oops I did it again’, ‘We will rock you’ and others carried out so proficiently that the 15 people in there were only pretending to look at clothes.
Later we went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was really very very good. It did leave me in a bit of a funny mood, though. Went to bed early at 3, no dog pawing me so slept well.
Today is my last day here, so will probably wander around with Norwegians again.

In other news, this year I will be leading a campaign to have the word ‘overrated’ erased from the English language.

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  1. mind_at_war says:

    i would like to visit there someday. or anywhere around there.
    care to put up a stranger…lol.

  2. ok spotless mind, awesome, had one of the strangest dates ever seeing that movie… long story. so how did you go see it? hasn’t it been on DVD for like, ever now?!

  3. You seem like a thoroughly interesting person. The word overrated is, in fact, overrated. It’s overused. Care to check out my LJ? I need more friends. I’m kind of…friendless…

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