On Tuesday I went to Macau with three other teachers. It’s an old Portuguese colony which forms the southern part of our urban conurbation. To get there I just have to catch a bus to the centre, fill in a few forms, go through two border crossings, declare I haven’t got bird flu and there I am.
Macau is still part of China, but I now have 4 more stamps in my passport.
Anyway, the most famous thing is this bit of a church:

The rest of it was burned down 150 years ago. If they’d rebuilt it then it wouldn’t look half as cool. We had sangria and something unbelievably good called “African chicken” at a restaurant in the marina and I got a garlic press and this:

…at a heavily discounted price.

Tonight I have my “business conversation” class, then tomorrow I have five kids classes and then have to make a speech about the history of the English language. Then another five kids classes on Sunday. I’m going to be screwed by Monday but still feeling good about stuff in general as we’re moving upstairs into a much, much better flat on Tuesday.

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