Middle School

I got a call from my school last weekend telling me I had been given more hours. The four new classes were at the middle school on the other end of town and each had fifty students. It was an identical scenario to the one I’d been warned of by various people in Prague and which had kept me awake at least once. I asked if I could change to something more familiar – say, adults – but didn’t push it too much. I don’t want to get people’s backs up, especially in my first month here. Not getting angry with people is the most important thing here, so I just let it lie.
Walking in there and standing up on a podium with what looked like a sea of talking kids I realised I actually didn’t care. There was nobody watching me, nobody to pass any judgment on how well I was teaching them and they weren’t even badly behaved. We talked a bit, played hangman, that was pretty much it. Second class was the same. Easiest lessons ever.
Then on Wednesday I was told that I was being switched to business classes instead. These will require more preparation but I’ll get to wear my suit again.

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