Party tonight… my place, 9 until whenever. I’m making evil punch again, the stuff that made people get naked last time.
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As for how everything else is going, no better. I am fucked as far as work goes too, hurriedly applying for non-existent work. The house has a nice ‘simmering undercurrent of hatred’ vibe right now and the cherry on the cake will be when Jacques comes home tonight to find 30-40 people in the flat, taking drugs and spilling drinks on his bed.
Here is a bear on a trampoline.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nocturnal Emissions Keep An Empire Running
    Hey man, made it back to London and am suitably shattered. Having a quick run through my “so you want to be a pawn of the fascist regime” training and artillery manual, before I tidy my suit up and get some real sleep. Will be nice to sleep without it causing Issues the following morning. I’ll see if there’s any way I can cause you guys stress all the same though.
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