very hot day, like every other damn day.
I have a mild headache and there are no chemists in the Czech Republic that open at the weekend except one in Jungmanova, which is too far away to bother for such a mild headache.
The reason for feeling delicate is that this weekend has been one long going away party for Bob. On Friday everyone turned up at the Blind Eye, got unbelievably drunk and before anyone knew it there was much mayhem, nakedness and sex on the pinball table etc. I, meanwhile spent about half an hour being told off by some guy for supporting Liverpool, while he spluttered spittle in my general direction.
I would have lamped him one if I wasn’t such a coward.
Oh, I just discovered that you can download every episode of the Blue Jam radio show at so one day I will have a pile of minidiscs or something maybe.

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