Began the day by bolting awake two minutes before my alarm was due to go off – a sure sign that routine is taking over my life if I ever saw one. Then had breakfast, went to work, blah blah, bah. The one innovation in my day was my lunch break, where I decided to go to the swimming pool next to the office and get some exercise for once. It was three pounds twenty for a quick swim and the place wasn’t exactly Mount Splashmore. First I had to swallow my self consciousness and get changed moreorless in public. Thankfully the shorts I bought yesterday weren’t as embarrassing as I had previously imagined, though they still didn’t leave much to the imagination. I spent five minutes navigating my way around the locker maze, couldn’t be bothered to have a shower, and eventually found the pool. It was at this point that I realised I hadn’t swam (swum?) in a good six years or so and had half forgotten how to do it. But I picked it up pretty quickly. Everyone else looked like they knew what they were doing, so I soon remembered the bit about keeping your head still while doing front crawl. Otherwise I suppose it would be called clumsily swaying from side to side crawl. I lost my key at the bottom twice, then secured it as hard as I could. Didn’t want to have to walk back in my shorts like that guy on ‘The Day Today’.
After 14 or so lengths I was so tired I could barely haul myself out of the pool. Work needs to be done. Felt great answering calls for about half an hour, though, then remembered how much I hate the place.

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  1. backerei says:

    its nice to know
    its nice knowing that someone, somewhere decided to go swimming alone during their lunch break. it puts a smile to my face while i sit at my tired old desk.

  2. when i attempted to start swimming again i realised that i couldn’t bring myself to put my head under the water. i couldn’t work out how to do it without making my synuses hurt. the gym i went to was full of twats who would stare at me when i would come up for air sneezing and choking. i gave up after a while. i might tyr again this summer. i might not though. we’ll see.

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