I went off with Miriam and Amanda to Cesky Krumlov on Tuesday and got back last night. It was even better than last time. I think it now may well be my favorite place in the world, not that I’ve seen a lot of the world particularly but it would take some beating. There was a good 2-3 feet of snow this time which was generally pretty and only annoying when it meant we had to wait in an obscure provincial train station for three hours while they dug a way out for us. The 30 minute taxi ride from Cesky Budejovice wasn’t a laughing matter either. But then we were in Krumlov, so we didn’t care.
Skippy didn’t mind us getting in so late. She’s a real star and it’s so good to be able to stay at her hostel / house, one of the highlights of the town in fact. We saw all the usual stuff, though the castle was closed. We went in anyway as the door was open but were chased out by a flustered old man who said that two people had just been taken to hospital because of snow falling off the roof. I’m not scared of snow.
We ate a feast at the medieval restaurant on the last night and got drunk on hot almond-flavoured mead. We otherwise drank at the other hostels in town, which were generally full of locals whose English was on a level with my Czech. I’m learning, though. I had way too much whiskey and slipped on the ice three times. Got a couple of decent bruises to show for it too.
Back in Prague now, feeling somewhere between refreshed and hungover. The girls are moving out to find their own place for a bit, which us sad as they are cool but good because they make a disproportionate amount of noise all the time and I need my old man quiet time.
Going to see the Narnia film now. I hope it isn’t too christian.
Photos of the above soon.

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  1. handsofstone says:

    Well Aslan did die for our sins etc etc

  2. i like narnia the film, the books and obviously the bbc series with it’s stunning special effects. i only really read up on the whole christian thing a couple of years ago and i haven’t let it bother me. have you read his dark materials by phillip pullman? it’s like the anti narnia.

    • I never let it bother me except in The Last Battle, one of the worst books I’ve ever read. Amazingly we still haven’t seen the film (after 4 nights trying) but a girl from the Faroe Islands told me it wasn’t too good so I’ve been put off a little.

      • some bits were a bit dissapointing. i thought edmund, lucy and mr tumnus were cast very well. i always thought peter and susan should go and fuck themselves so the fact the kids playing them were dreadful was ok.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where are you living in Prague?

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