Feeling better today. Had an actual proper bed to myself instead of a floor for once, which was great of course, then ate lots of chlebicky and set off fully recovered. This last week has been completely insane and I’m glad it is over.
The remainder of yesterday was spent semi-asleep at the clown and the eye. I’m trying not to get a reputation, but tonight should be the last ‘homeless’ night. I’d never heard of couchsurfing until I got here, now I seem to be the main exponent.
I’m going now to call Miriam, who I hope has also had a good sleep up in Norway.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You get Holis?
    Bored. Unemployed. Listless.

    • Holis proper on Tuedsay, should be in the bag.
      Back to the Hut then?
      BTW, can’t believe Milwall are in the cup final.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nor I mate. Trust me.
        Yeah Pizza Hut does look to be on the cards. ‘Never again’ eh!
        btw could you do us a favour and take those books back for me otherwise it’s likely I will never be paid.
        Oh and another thing, since you’re naturally ingratiating yourself into the Holis fold, could you also find out the date on which Ivana needs to pick up my dough?
        Would be most appreciated

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