So I stayed up most of the night on Thursday to watch the election, first in the living room, then in Liam’s room as he’s got a wide-screen TV and there was added entertainment in that he’d taken a blue valium and spent about two hours almost but not quite asleep. He kept spending twenty minutes getting his computer on and onto the internet, forgetting why he was on it, then spending twenty minutes shutting it down.
Anyway, the greens didn’t win Brighton. Damn close, but no prizes for runners up. I passed out around 4 and when my alarm went off I phoned in sick, which was about 50% skive and 50% my fault for only having 3 1/2 hours sleep. Dozed the rest of the day before remembering that it was John’s birthday, so finally left the house at 8.30 or so. At the bottom of the hill in the park was a spring fair in full spring and with the sun still out, the air clear and hot and people everywhere out and having fun it felt like the real first weekend of the summer. I got to the bar, met up with everyone, had an orange juice and then had to go home, take a sleeping pill and go to bed at 11. Fucking Saturday work.
Speaking of which… well, let’s not, eh?
Now I’m just about to go over to Duncan & Amelia’s to eat and watch some DVD or other.

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  1. top_plant says:

    i voted green. we only had four to choose from though…

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